Mens WW2 Marine Imperial German Navy U-Boat Submarine Captain Leather Coat Jacket Black/Brown


  • Cowhide Leather
  • Imported
  • Button closure
  • Premium Stitching, Leather Jacket Men Small
  • Polyester inner lining, Brown Leather Jacket For Men
  • Genuine Leather Jacket Mens
  • Lapel Collar, 4 pockets, German Leather Coat
  • Please check our size chart in images, Brown Leather Coat


The correct fabric can make a world of transformation in both the comfort and aesthetics of fashion whether you are picking up a jacket for winter, a shirt for summer, or any dress for the festive season you need to pay close attention to the fabric which is used to manufacture such garment. As endless fabric choices are available in the market over the others, leather is considered a superior choice. Fast fashion produces a billion outfits a year, and usually, these outfits are worn just seven times and then thrown away. However, a premium quality leather jacket or coat is the opposite of fast fashion, and if you take good care of garments, it will last a lifetime. 

If you are a fashion enthusiast who wants to upgrade your style and winter wardrobe collection, it is best to buy the latest Men’s WW2 Marine Imperial German Navy. It adds glamour and sophistication to the personality of the wearer. What makes it phenomenal is the premium quality leather used in the construction of this leather jacket. The professional experts put a lot of accuracy and hard work into the stitching and designing of the jacket. Along with providing a sturdy facade, it provides warmth and comfort as the temperature drops. The versatility and durability of the leather jacket are unparalleled, and they will ignite up your outlook like never before. The material is breathable and lightweight, so it will not suffocate the body. 

Get this state-of-the-art piece of leather jacket and flare up your everyday outfits, whether heading towards a party or any casual occasion. 

Premium Quality Leather Material:

Cowhide is a widely used material for the construction of leather jackets because of its unlimited benefits. The versatility and flexibility of this material are the ultimate reason people love to get jackets made up of cowhide. The roughness of this material makes it more durable and long last time so that you can wear it anytime, anywhere. The elastic and supple material makes it comfortable and cozy. It will not wear tear even after use for several years. 

When the temperature drops, it will provide warmth to protect you from the cold winds. It is the best amalgamation of sturdy leather outside and warm inside. 

Fine Stitching:

The professional experts stitched this premium quality leather with ultimate precision, and they did several quality checks to ensure that you get the perfect piece of leather apparel. The lining, Pockets, sleeves, other decoratives, and the leather are perfectly stitched. 

Colour Shade:

The glossy brown color elevates your outlook and adds a charismatic vibe to your overall presence. It gives confidence and a sleek aura to your personality. Brown color generally identifies masculinity; therefore, it is the perfect selection for macho men. It will seamlessly make them more attractive. 

Design Of The Coller:

The lapel color design gives it an elegant and sophisticated vibe that completes the look of the wearer. The cohesive design compact appearance of the jacket makes your personality outstanding, and you will shine among many others at the casual event or the party. 

Lining Material:

The soft and cozy lining material is used in this Men’s WW2 Marine Imperial German Leather Jacket. The sturdy outside facade of the jacket has viscose lining material that protects you from harsh weather and cold conditions. The lining material also provides perfect fitting to the body of the wearer and makes them more secured. The lining material is yop-notch polyester. 


Button closure is provided at the front to make it more classy and exquisite. That enhances its overall appearance. All hardware-like buttons are firmly attached to the jacket – to ensure that it will not tear out after many times usage. 

Fitting Of The Jacket:

To get the perfect fitting of the jacket, read the size chart carefully and select the best suitable jacket size according to your body type and body specifications. If you want to get a more fitted jacket, buy one size small. The selection of ultimately perfect material and top-notch craftsmanship give the complete fitting and wraps around the body wholly. 

Easy To Maintain:

The top-notch material does not require any extra maintenance and washing. Moreover, the material is heat resistant, water-resistant, and dirt-resistant. So you don’t have to worry about its cleaning or caring. Just follow the regular practices of maintaining the jacket, and it will last long. 


Pockets are a significant part of any jacket or coat. The manufacturers decorated this leather jacket with four pockets that makes it more functional, and you can keep your belongings safe along with you. 

Styling Tips: 

You can style Men’s WW2 Marine Imperial German Leather Jacket in any way you want as it goes along with any apparel or dress. Combine it with a white-colored t-shirt or blue pair of jeans to complete the look. The black color will look phenomenal with the brown shade of jacket. You can wear black boots or white sneakers according to your choice.


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